VitalSigns installs digital signage at Ohio’s interstate Travelers Information Centers

Interstate travelers visiting Ohio’s Travelers Information Centers at the state’s borders now have a new source of travel information alongside the racks of maps and brochures — VitalSigns digital signage. The digital signage kiosks have been installed at ten of ODOT’s Travelers Information Centers strategically located where interstate highways enter Ohio.

The digital signage is part of an Ohio Department of Transportation program intended to generate millions of dollars in new revenue for road projects through advertising and sponsorship opportunities at 101 interstate rest areas and Travelers Information Centers throughout Ohio.

The VitalSigns digital signage kiosks feature 46-inch displays with space for news, local weather, sponsor promos, advertising videos and information on area attractions. The units are constructed with commercial-grade public information display monitors and are encased in floor-standing housings to deter vandals and thieves. The digital signs are networked through Verizon Wireless so the content can be updated from a central location.

VitalSigns developed the digital signage for Triad Communications and Travelers Marketing that run the advertising, sponsorship and naming rights program for the rest stops. “We chose Vitalsigns for this project because of their durability and appearance,” said Adam Mullen, Media Specialist for Triad Communications. “they turned out perfect for our project. We knew that this project would be complicated, VitalSigns did an excellent job working with us to install and program our units.”

Ohio’s ten Travelers Information Centers welcome over 13-million motorists each year according to Mullen. “These visitors appreciate the content that we are providing and advertisers have begun to notice,” Mullen said. “Our VitalSigns digital signs have received an extremely positive response. Travel Information Center Advertising is proving to be an effective tactic”.