“Touch” to Sell

A company’s sales force represents the lifeblood of the organization. They are the ones on the front lines listening to customer’s needs, making a compelling case for their company’s goods and services to match those needs, and ultimately closing the sale. Smart companies make sure to invest not only in the quality of the people who make up this team, but also in the materials and collateral available to give them an edge over their competitors. Many companies have explored how technology can empower their sales team in new ways, and many are discovering the awesome power of “touch”.


One example of how touch can be applied is with a sales binder application VitalSigns built for a large service company. The company wanted to transform their outdated library of printed sales materials into a digitized solution. VitalSigns took it a step further, creating multiple tablet apps through a custom application framework that lets sales reps create custom sales binders, take notes and pictures, and generate PDF forms that can be emailed to their clients directly from the iPad application. The apps also boast interactive content, such as diagrams and graphs as well as graphics and video. All of these applications are managed remotely through a content management system (CMS), allowing changes to be made as needed to keep all the content fresh. The result is a dynamic resource for the sales force to make compelling presentations and close sales to other businesses.


In another creative sales application, VitalSigns is helping a national brand connect with customers by hitting the road with a mobile, interactive touch screen game. A 55-inch touch screen kiosk was designed and installed in a custom semi-trailer that travels the country to various sporting events and attractions. The game allows users to race cars that gain speed by picking up the brands product while avoiding hazards that slow the cars down. To play, users enter their zip codes and the game begins. When the race ends, they are shown nearby retail locations that carry the product, and given a print out of a map along with a coupon to encourage them to try the product. This touch application creates a fun and engaging positive experience for the public while selling the product and brand.

There is a huge cultural shift taking place in the way we sell to a touch enabled world. There are many creative ways touch screens, tablets and mobile applications can be leveraged as very powerful tools for your sales force. Stop and dream a little about how you can “Touch” to sell.