The technology behind modern-day presentations

Digital Whiteboards

Not too long ago, chalkboards and overhead projectors ruled boardrooms and lecture halls as the optimal way to visually transmit information and ideas during a meeting or class. But due to the extremely limited capability of the technology and general lack of collaboration, these visual aids rarely engaged the audience as powerfully as desired. Through the integration of computer, video monitor and touch screen interactive display, today’s presenter can convey messages using a diverse and impactful “digital whiteboard.”

Digital/interactive whiteboards transform business meetings, teleconferences, presentations, training and classroom instruction into a synergistic experience where digital signage meets innovation and ideas. The interactive display system replaces the need for traditional whiteboards and projectors, and instead allows your presentation to become an experience of images, video and responsive display.

Digital Whiteboards Display

With a digital whiteboard, you can import documents as images to view and edit with the touch of your finger. Architects can display an entire building layout in one seamless image, and use the power of touch to highlight, outline and electronically modify blueprints. Healthcare professionals can show x-rays, CAT/MRI scans and more in a vivid performance of imagery and interaction. Global corporations can connect far-flung constituents through webinars, video conferences and long-distance meetings by utilizing the display’s compatibility with Skype and GoToMeeting.

Available in screen sizes up to an eye-catching 80″, these interactive whiteboards provide the opportunity for an enhanced communication experience by displaying your message through brilliant imagery, video and touchscreen convenience. A digital whiteboard will provide your business with an easy-to-use, impressive and innovative tool for enhancing the learning and meeting experience.