Ohio Orthopedic Center of Excellence Digital Signage


The Ohio Orthopedic Center of Excellence (OOCE) needed a modern and efficient way to communicate and connect with its patients and guests as they wait in the lobby for treatment. The printed pamphlets and fliers that cluttered tables throughout the building became too difficult to update and replace, and proved to be more of an eye-sore than source of information about the OOCE.


By utilizing the attention-grabbing power of VitalSigns digital signage, the OOCE was able to transform the information from its printed materials into dynamic content displayed on a large LCD monitor situated inside the building’s main entrance. Important OOCE information can now be quickly and easily updated from a central location using a custom-modified content management system. Patients and guests of the OOCE now stay informed by an innovative and impactful form of digital media.

Client Testimony:


“Communicating with patients is a huge opportunity for us because there is so much of interest going on in our center – news, schedules, announcements and upcoming events,” said Darcy Blessing, Marketing Director at OOCE. “We were looking for a clean, classy way to display our patient messages and when we saw the VitalSigns digital signage concept we said, ‘that’s it!’”Why VitalSigns rather than something else? “The display and graphics are beautiful, the HD quality stands out, and the resolution draws your eye to it,” Blessing said. “But it’s the user-friendliness of it that lets me preload timely, relevant content and schedule things to run months in advance. This helps me be proactive with our messaging and set content to go up and come down according to schedule. It makes very efficient use of my time.”What do OOCE’s patients think of VitalSigns? “We have the display positioned in a prominent way in our main waiting room and get very positive feedback from patients and staff about VitalSigns,” said Blessing. “Patients comment, ‘Oh, I didn’t know you did that…’ which indicates to us that we made the right decision. Now we’d like more signs in different areas of our building.”